February 2024

Congratulations to Catherine J. Wu for being awarded the prestigious Sjöberg Prize!

Congratulations to Nicoletta Cieri for being awarded the NMDP Foundation 2024 Amy Strelzer Manasevit Research Program award!

Congratulations to Lucas Pomerance and Alex Afeyan for receiving the F31 awards!


September 2023

A warm send-off to Livius Penter as he starts his independent laboratory in Germany.


July 2023

Congratulations to Katie DFCI Lubin Family Foundation Scholar Award!


June 2023

A warm send-off to Erin Parry as she starts her independent laboratory at Dana-Farber in July 2023.

Excited for alumni Neil Ruthen and Gabriela Brunsting Hoffman as they start grad school at Weill Cornell and University of Maryland, respectively!

Hurray for Nira Krasnow as she starts her internal medicine residency at UCSF!


February 2023

A warm send-off to Elisa ten Hacken as she starts her independent laboratory at Weill Cornell in NYC in February 2023.


October 2022

Congratulations to Cindy on DFCI Lubin Family Foundation Scholar Award!


September 2022

A heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Wandi for her 15+ years with us; may she please enjoy her retirement!


August 2022

Congratulations to Erin on being awarded NIH/NCI K08 and Elisa on NIH/NCI K22!


June 2022

Hurray for Cathy Gutierrez as she starts her internal medicine residency at MGH!

Hurray for Bryan Iorgulescu as he pursues his Molecular Diagnostics Advanced Fellowship at MDACC!

Excited for alumni Nathan Dangle and Khang Nguyen as they start grad school at UPenn and UCSF, respectively!

A warm send-off to Shanye Yin as he starts his independent laboratory at Einstein School of Medicine in August 2022.


December 2021

Congratulations to Elisa for the James Calemine Award in CLL, from ASH 2021!

Congratulations to Livius for receiving an ASH Scholar Award!

A warm holiday welcome to our newest lab member: Little Maurer

A warm send off to David Braun as he starts his independent laboratory at Yale New Haven in January 2022. 


November 2021

Fabulous presentations by Bryan and Giacomo at SITC! So great to be there in person!


October 2021

Best wishes to Sachet Shukla as he starts his independent group at MDACC.


July 2021
David B. and Bryan I. won second and third place respectively at Immuno-Oncology Young Investigators' Form (IOYIF).


May 2021
Congratulations to Peyton W. and Min L. for graduating with their MSc in Immunology!

A warm welcome to our Wu Lab Summer Group: Naomi, Kira, and Christina.


January 2021

Hooray to Pavan Bachireddy as he starts his independent laboratory at MDACC.


December 2020
Cathy G., Elisa t.H., Erin P., and Livius P. received ASH Abstract Achievement Awards

Elisa t. H. awarded ASH Scholar Award: Fellow to Faculty and Best of ASH for "Multiplexed CRISPR in vivo editing of CLL loss-of-function lesions models transformation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia into Richter’s syndrome"


October 2020
E.t.H published “High throughput single-cell detection of multiplex CRISPR-edited gene modifications” in Genome Biology; the manuscript reports on her exciting new methodologies for single-cell DNA-sequencing on the Mission Bio Tapestri of murine cell lines edited via CRISPR-Cas9! Check it out on the “Cancer Evolution and Metastasis” special issue:


August 2020
Bryan I. and Erin P. receive the Conquer Cancer Foundation/Sontag Foundation Young Investigator Award.

Bryan I. awarded an NCI K12 Paul Calabresi Career Award


July 2020
Cathy Wu named Lavine Family Chair for Preventative Cancer Therapies


June 2020
Cathy G. passes her Dissertation Defense


May 2020
Nathan D. joined the Wu lab


April 2020
Christina E. is accepted into Boston University's PiBS graduate program


March 2020
Bryan I. awarded 2020 ASCO Meeting Merit Award


April 2020
Nicoletta C. awarded the 2020 AACR Immuno-oncology Research Fellowship for “Addressing AML with vaccine-induced polyclonal leukemia-specific T cells”

Cathy G. received the AY21 MD-PhD DFCI Fellowship Award

Eryn B. joined the Wu lab

David B. awarded two grants by the Department of Defense: “Understanding CD8+ T-Cell Specificity and Function in Renal Cell Carcinoma” and “Combining Locally Administered Ipilimumab with a Personalized Neoantigen Cancer Vaccine to Improve T-Cell Priming and Antitumor Immunity in High-Risk Renal Cell Carcinoma”


March 2020
Match Day!
Donna L. matched to UCSF for internal medicine residency
Patrick L. matched to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for internal medicine residency


February 2020
Nick S. joined the Wu lab

Donna L. defended MD thesis

Elisa tH. is invited to be part of the iWCLL YIM Program Committee for iWCLL 2021 in Krakow, Poland


January 2020
Peyton W. joined the Wu lab, coming from the Masters of Medical Science (MMSc) at Harvard Medical School

David B. was interviewed by OncLive, discussing the evolution of immunotherapy in advanced renal cell carcinoma


December 2019
Several of our lab members gave presentations at ASH 2019 in Orlando, FL:

Cathy G. interviewed at ASH 2019


November 2019
Elisa tH. presented at 2nd Postgraduate CLL Conference in Bologna, Italy.

David B. presented at the Kidney Cancer Research Summit in Philadelphia, PA: “Using Single Cell Transcriptomics to understand tumor and immune heterogeneity driving resistance and to rationally select immune therapy in advanced RCC”


October 2019
Livius P. began Research Fellowship from German Research Foundation

David B. awarded Career Enhancement Program grant from the DF/HCC Kidney Cancer SPORE

Cathy W., Elisa tH., and Cathy G. presented at iwCLL2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Cathy G. received the Young Investigator Scholarship Award.

David B. presented at the International Kidney Cancer Symposium in Miami, FL

Erin P. awarded DDCF Physician Scientist Fellowship


July 2019
Cathy G. received the Melvin Dennis Travel Award to present at the 2019 Annual MD/PhD Conference

David B. awarded Innovate Research Award for Advanced Kidney Cancer by UroToday

Erin P. awarded DFCI Flames FLAIR Fellowship in Lymphoma/Leukemia Research, 2019


June 2019
Anat B. awarded fellowship by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


May 2019
David B. named as Next Generation Innovator by HemOnc Today


April 2019
Cathy G. awarded the NIH grant, Ruth L. Kirschtein National Research Service Award, F31 Diversity for “Impact of RPS15 mutation on a development and progression of chronic lymphocytic leukemia” (2019-2023)

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